FAQ's and Help

Where is my Machine ID for submission? Why am I getting a Vendor Notification when I already submitted my Machine ID?

  1. Navigate to your NinjaTrader8 Control Center → Help → About an submit via the Google Form found in your purchase confirmation email.
  2. Your Machine ID will change after updates to your PC or NT8 platform. Please send your updated ID via the support@futuresanalytica.com email. Thanks in advance.

(The Machine ID is generated using information about your hardware and BIOS. This Machine ID is meant to remain constant unless there has been a change with the system.)

Items that can cause the Machine ID to change:

- Changes to hardware include; (network cards, MAC address, RAM, motherboard, monitors, graphic card, etc) Changes / updates to BIOS Changes to the Windows Product ID Updates / upgrades / changes to the Windows operating system Updates / upgrades / changes to Virtualization software.)

How do I update to the most recent version of Polarity?

Download the newest version via the updated link, (if you own Polarity and have not received this link reach out to the support@futuresanalytica.com email for it). The steps go as follows: Control Center  Tools → Remove NinjaScript Assembly → Remove all past versions except "PolarityATIv6". Navigate to Strategies → "PolarityATI" → Configure with your settings of choice.

How can I stay posted on what is coming next from Futures Analytica? 

Subscribe to our Newsletter for notifications on video releases, updates to the software, product releases and discounts! You can subscribe at the bottom of our homepage where you will also gain access to the FREE WaveMotion Indicator and RSI indicator.

Why are my Polarity buttons appearing, but then disappearing or not showing up at all?

  1. Your machine ID has been changed, expired, or has not been submitted to either the support@futuresanalytica.com email or the Google Form found in the email you received after purchase. 
  2. You forgot to click the "Enable" checkbox.
  3. You are not connected to a data feed. 

Why do I not see the Orderflow data in the chart or OrderFlow data is only present in the most recent candle?

  1. Make sure you have submitted your updated Machine ID. 
  2. You need to set your “Days to Load” value in Data Series to 3. If it still does not work change that value to 2 or 1. If there is still no OrderFlow try switching your “Days to Load” to “Bars to Load” and set the value to 250.
  3. Try "Reloading Historical Data" which can be done by right clicking your chart and the mentioned selection is towards the bottom. 

My buttons are enabled, but no trades are taken. What should I do?

  1. Make sure that your ATM name has been properly selected to match the ATM strategy in your Chart Trader and your Account matches the account active in your Chart Trader. 
  2. If you have the Auto Arm feature enabled trades will only be taken either above the resistance level (green line) or below the support level (red line). Taking trades between these two lines requires the use of the other Arm buttons.   
  3. If it not either of these things, double check that you have the correct imbalance ratio and volume for the instrument and you have selected the appropriate Imbalance calculation mode. (Please see the most recent set up videos for this before contacting support). 

Why are my Green and Red S&R lines not showing up? 

  1. Polarity will need to be enabled to see these lines. 
  2. Make sure your Strength and Offset settings, found in Strategy settings, are 3 and 3. 
  3. These lines are drawn volumetrically according to the incoming data          meaning these lines will recalculate and could be temporarily non existent with nothing wrong. 

How do I get the Blue and Green bands (RSI) I see in the videos?

The Reverse Strength Indicator can be obtained by subscribing to our newsletter. You can subscribe at the bottom of our homepage. The set up for this indicator is provided in both guidebooks for you!

I can’t find the Polarity ATI in my Futures Analytica Folder. How can I fix it?

The Polarity ATI is in Strategy Settings which is the “clipboard” logo in your NT8 toolbar at the top or side of your Chart window. You can also navigate there by right-clicking your chart and selecting “Strategy”. 

What settings should I use for optimal results?

The most recent settings used by Futures Analytica can be found in the description of each trading video if you would like to use those feel free. We recommend at least starting out with these settings to get a feel for the software with one less variable to think about in the beginning. For more information on how the settings work and some tips for setting them, check out the Polarity ATI Guidebook which is consistently updated with each update for more relevant information!

What license do I need to trade live? Can I use Polarity on a demo account? 

No license is needed to trade live with any of our products, and all of our products are compatible with prop firms such as Apex Trader Funding, LeeLoo, Earn2Trade, TopStep etc. Feel free to contact NinjaTrader platform support for questions on their licensing and account info. 

Which data should I use for the best results?

We recommend using the free data NT offers first-time users if you are just getting started. If you aren’t new, we recommend utilizing either NT Continuum or Kinetic data. Both of these are well-priced with great quality connection and fast executions however any data for the instrument you are trading will work. If neither of these are the choice you want to go with just make sure that you have LEVEL 1 MARKET DATA for the appropriate set of instruments CME is the one for NQ and ES trading. 

How do I use Market replay/Historical data?

Check out the step by step set up here:


Or Check out this step-by-step video here:


Does the Polarity/AnalyticaChart work with Prop Firms? How should I get started if I do not have the money to fund my own account?

Our NinjaTrader Add-ons are compatible with prop firms! We recommend taking advantage of prop firms like Earn2Trade, Apex Trading, and TopStepTrader. All of these options are great ones to start out with. Each of these has reasonable prices for solid experience, a chance to work on your trading in a safe protected environment, and that mental aspect of loss on the line which will make you a better trader!

How can I learn more and go deeper in my trading?

The Futures Analytica Youtube features tons of live trading content on ES, NQ and ZN futures. The commentary can be very helpful, so they are definitely worth checking out! We recommend taking advantage of the Tutorials playlist and the Polarity ATI if you are a Polarity Owner for additional helpful information! We are in the process of developing additional education which will be clearly laid out for understanding everything there is to know, so stay posted via our newsletter. 

I am receiving the “Custom NinjaScript files on your PC” error message. 

If you are using OneDrive you will need to disable the backup feature as it leaves the file stranded in limbo and confuses the software within NinjaTrader. To rectify the issue from here, 1.) Delete your NT Cache. 2.) Remove the files from your NinjaScript Assembly. 3.) Restart NT8. 4.)Attempt to reconfigure your Futures Analytica Add-on(s). 

Which brokerage should I use? 

Through NinjaTrader you will have the option to select a broker from a list that will have varying initial deposit requirements etc. This is the list of brokers: https://ninjatrader.com/Choice 

This is a short list if you find yourself completely stumped with an issue reach out to contact/support email! support@futuresanalytica.com.